The era of everything all the time!

We live in amazing times. I think about how the library in Alexandria was a marvel of it's time and how much knowledge was stored there that people could access and then think of today.

I saw a tweet about a musical group tonight and within less than a minute I was looking at some of their videos on YouTube. It could have been even more magical, I have been walking through a store, heard a song being played, Shazamed it on my phone and in no time at all I would have bought the album on my phone and it would waiting for me in iTunes on my computer when I got home.

This can sometimes be a bad thing. I will, with much shame, admit that once I was in a store, heard a song I liked the sound of, Shazamed it and to my great dismay was informed by my phone that I liked the sound of a One Direction song.

The shear scale of the amount of information that we have available to us and more importantly ,I believe, the speed at which we have access to it is amazing. We are living in the future.

Of course it can all seem very overwhelming. But I believe that technology will solve that problem too.

The key thing to remember is that it's just information, these things are all just tools, it is up to us the people to decide how to best utilise them.

And away we go.

It's pretty hard to avoid technology in our lives today, I for one never wanted to. I decided to start MakUpYourMind because I love seeing the "aha" moments with people.

There is so much more that all these devices can do for us and even I am learning new things everyday. I get a real thrill when I show someone something and they say to me "If only I'd know this a week ago it would have saved me 3 hours of work"

That is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Another thing about technology is how it is constantly changing and so we are never finished learning. Many people don't like this, I love it! So often I haven't learnt more from a colleague showing me something in 5 minutes than I could have from 2 hours of reading a manual. Most times it's because the manual was out of date about 3 months after being written.

Technology may have created this challenge, but it's also offering solutions. If you are a training organisation, you could create digital manuals, which are just as easy to update as ordinary manuals, but the it's in the distribution that they come into their own.

You can simply upload the updated manual to your website and have people who want he update download it. Also manuals don't have to be static anymore. You can create media rich textbooks and manuals, with video, image animations and more.

We are living in the future and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.