Macs in Education

Apple computers have long been a part of many educational institutions IT strategies. MakUpYourMind can help you take those computers and really get the most value out of them.

Some of the topics covered on the Mac

  • Getting started with Mac OS X -learning the basics of how to navigate the Mac Operating System and some cool tips and tricks to get you using it as efficiently as possible
  • iLife suite of Apps - iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband
  • Final Cut Pro 7 Studio, Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5
  • iBooks Author - how to use it and how to create your own books 
  • Pages, Keynote and Numbers
  • Mac OS X Server - showing your IT department how to get the most out of this amazing set of utilities to deploy and manage your Macs and/or iOS devices.


iOS in Education

iPads and iPod touches have already had a big impact in education. MakUpYourMind is passionate about how these devices are going to change the classroom. 

We believe that we haven't even scratched the surface on what effect these devices will have on how we teach and learn.

We are truly excited to be working with educational institutions around the world to chart this brave new world.

At the moment most educational institutions are at one of two stages in their iPad use case - either using them as PDF readers for students to carry all their textbooks and notes in one place, or moving onto the App stage.

The App stage is where the institution or individual educator has found some really great Apps that allow them to change the dynamics of the learning process.

MakUpYourMind can help guide you to and through these two stages and then we get onto the really exciting part. Once you have found and used a selection of Apps that work well for you, we can work with you using the devices and applications to then create new ways of educating.

Instead of students delivering a written book report, they have microphones and cameras on the iPads. The students could use voice recording to dictate, they could use the camera along with iMovie or VizzyWig to create a video, they could use iStopMotion to animate and they could then use Keynote to put it all together.

Not only does this allow the students to take ownership of the learning experience, but it also allows the teacher to give more assistance to the students who aren't as confident and need a bit more help.

This is just one of many examples that really excites us at MakUpYourMind for what the future holds and we are thrilled to be a part of it.