Mac + iOS Training

The days of “Macs aren’t compatible”, “Macs can’t do it” and "you shouldn’t use a Mac” are well and truly behind us. 

There’s nothing a Mac can’t do in the home, classroom, workplace and even the boardroom. I can show you how to use the features, apps and systems available so you can experience the best efficiency, productivity and enjoyment possible with your Mac.

I’m certified by Apple to train on topics at every level of the Mac. Whether you need to learn the basics of getting to know and use a Mac or more advanced topics such as Mac OS X Server configuration and deployment and management of iOS devices in small to large organisations, I can help.

Any Mac and iOS software can be covered in custom-designed training programmes, however the most requested training topics are:

iOS on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

iPads, iPhones and iPod touches have already had a big impact in the education and business sectors. However, both sectors have only scratched the surface of how these devices can enhance learning and productivity. 

Mac OS X 

  • Basics of how to navigate the Mac operating system

  • How to get the most out of Apple Mai"

  • Using Contacts and Calendar and syncing other services with them such as Google

  • Backing up your computer

  • Controlling settings before they control you

  • Setting up parental controls to safeguard your children

  • Mac OS X Server - How to get the most out of this amazing set of utilities to deploy and manage Macs and/or iOS devices in schools and businesses.


  • iPhoto - learn how to import, organise, edit and share the snippets of your life that mean the most to you.

  • iMovie - Create amazing movies with ease and simplicity."

  • Garageband - Even if you think you’re tone deaf, you can still learn how to make some pretty cool noises.

  • Aperture - Take your photo work to the next level with Apple's professional photo application. This is ideal for those who want to learn how to take their photography beyond iPhoto.

  • Final Cut Pro - Learn every aspect of professional video editing from an Apple Certified Trainer.


  • Pages - It’s not just a word processor. It’s also a powerful desktop publishing tool for creative projects

  • Numbers - Spreadsheets with power without complication

  • Keynote - An easy to use yet immensely powerful presentation software

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