Photography is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Many people have amazing cameras which they love to use, but they're often too nervous to take it out of Auto mode and end up frustrated with their photos.

With our customised workshops and small groups, we can take you from happy snapper to accomplished photographer by teaching you how to use your camera to its full potential. Move on from Auto and learn how the other modes on your camera can be less intimidating - even fun!

Once you have great photos, you'll want to do something with them. We provide training on Aperture and Lightroom from basics to beyond. Find the best way to start organising, enhancing and sharing your images - don't let them sit on the camera's card forever. 


With a background in creating corporate videos, we can provide tuition in all aspects of filming and editing. Whether you're new to the field or looking to further your expertise, we can tailor a programme to your needs. 

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One of our specialities is helping photographers understand the change from still to moving images, and taking that knowledge into the edit suite, helping you offer more to clients and enhance your business.

Final Cut Pro X training

Final Cut Pro X is a powerful tool for video editing. With one of the few certified Final Cut Pro X trainers in Australasia, MakUpYourMind can deliver a three-day or one-day Final Cut Pro workshop or produce a customised programme to suit your needs.