Video + Filmmaking Training for Photographers

I offer both 1-to-1 and group training for photographers who are interested in learning video and filmmaking. My training covers planning, artistic styling, shooting, editing and post-production. I combine both technical and practical experience, knowledge and understanding, approaching the training in a unique way that makes the topic understandable, accessible and fun. I’m also a Certified Final Cut Pro Master Trainer, Certified Motion 5 Trainer, Certified Compressor Trainer.

Why should photographers learn about video and filmmaking?

Many talented photographers believe they can make the jump from still photography to video and filmmaking without any training. While there’s no doubt that still photographers have a visual and creative eye that can be applied to video and filmmaking, it’s important to recognise, understand and master the differences in the way the two mediums are shot, edited and distributed. Both serve a storytelling purpose but each has different skills for doing so. 

  • Demand for video and filmmaking services is growing

  • It will diversify your market

  • You can expand your product offering

  • It’s another creative avenue to explore

  • It will improve your still photography

From wedding videos to documentaries, advertising to training and creative development to personal satisfaction, every photographer can benefit from video and filmmaking training.

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